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Posted: Mon 27. Apr 2020, 19:45
by ShaneFenton
Hi everyone ! It's been a while.

I hope you're all OK, and so are your relatives and closed ones.

I've been staying at home since last march 14th, but the good side of being a computer science teacher in an engineering school is that we still can teach online. So I've still got my job, my pay, and my students. We have a supermarket quite close to home, and it's still open. And I'm confined with my girlfriend and a common friend, so everything's OK.

What about you ? What are the measures taken in Germany ? Do you have a controversial figure such as Didier Raoult ? Or has your government been better at anticipating and handling this health crisis ?

Anyway, take all care.

Re: COVID 19

Posted: Mon 4. May 2020, 21:02
by Patrik
Thank you! We, my family and I, do well. We have the feeling that Germany did tremendously well (and had some good luck). Light measures have been taken relatively soon and will continue, but there was no lockdown. Shops (except supermarkets) closed for six weeks, and social distancing measures are in place: You may not meet others in public and are strongly encouraged not to meet anybody if you can avoid it. In fact, most people restrict social life to their families. (Note that measures differ a little between German states.)

The measure that has the most impact on society probably is the closure of schools, kindergartens, and child day care. This effectively means many people have to work from home. Also, this can be very challenging. However, what I fear most at the moment is that the governments start doing stupid things. This might be Covid-related or not: They might reduce the measures too early or start bailing out companies without formulating reasonable demands. (Like giving 10 bn to Lufthansa which was worth 6 bn at the beginning of the year and not even setting up proper development targets as France did with Air France.)

Re: COVID 19

Posted: Thu 9. Jul 2020, 14:16
by HaiFinn
Thanks, wishes back to you.