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Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Fr 23. Feb 2018, 09:50
von buzzti

The daily show about blaming gun violence on video games

Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Mi 11. Apr 2018, 18:54
von Pyri
Deutscher Computerspielpreis: Die Gewinner 2018 stehen jetzt fest ... uterspiele Versteckspiel "Witch It" (im Early Access auf Steam, , erinnert ästhetisch an den F2P-Shooter "Dungeon Defenders II") gewann auch als bestes internationales Multiplayer-Spiel. Wieder mal recht eine Farce.

Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Mi 11. Apr 2018, 19:34
von ShaneFenton
Pyri hat geschrieben:Wieder mal recht eine Farce.

Why a "farce" ?

Btw, I'm glad that Elex was awarded the public award. I have a lot of respect for Piranha Bytes, and I'm a huge fan of Gothic 1 and Risen 1. I also like Elex a lot, I spent 80+ hours on it, although the game has some major flaws, it was a very nice experience overall.

Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Mi 11. Apr 2018, 22:09
von Pyri
ShaneFenton hat geschrieben:Why a "farce" ?

First, "Witch It" is no finished product (either, compared to last year's supposed-to-be rejection of "The Surge").

Second, like with most film festivals, public awards are no real awards. It's more like something "out of the competition". And then, again, "Elex" is a very German title - with hardly any international recognition. Unlike I argued "The Surge" was viewtopic.php?f=79&p=18532#p18530 , at least in part.


They already did it from the start with this award -, and still do it with every one of their "international" awards (without any prize money). Yet once, they chose "Crysis 2" for the main event, so to speak. No, they won't do something like that again.
They will avoid something like that. And that's why this award is nowadays more politically charged and leaning to the liberal left than the Bundesfilmpreis (Lola) ever was, or even the Berlinale, for example. An ideological vanity fest.

Maybe it has something to do with games not being fully realized as cultural expression, but more something like innovation or sport even - like moving them into infrastructure's space, like the "Datenautobahn" or chasing cars.

The public space should either represent or challenge "the people", not caressing fancy hipsters and their feel-good-games. With feel-good-media promoted like that - no great divide, no gap in the public space will be narrowed, no one will come closer. Not as the chancellor promised ... kel/547656
In fact, nothing what she promised in March to tackle will come true, when Germany's elites continue to act like that. Instead, the rise of populism throughout Europe will become an even more fierceful threat while something that's not only in Germany called ostrich-like behaviour remains one's method of choice. Protecting a culture of nice lofts and "Fachhochschulen", while games will become even more irrelevant: avoiding potentially "menschenverachtende Spiele" for the sake of neglecting society's "Potential der Menschenverachtung".

And the question is not who's playing "Witch It", but for what it stands for. Why there are no "provocative" games winning in main categories anymore.


Third, like with "Anno 1404" back in its day, they chose a German game as an international title - like in 2010 with Anno, the internationally (hardly) known "A. D." series.
All together, that's what I call a farce these days. Like even Germany's largest gaming publication, GameStar did back then ... 14620.html

And last but not least fourth, Daedalic's winning developer last year rejected the award for his traditional core title, one could argue a provocative "conservative" approach long gone ... b-1226602/ , and now they celebrate a representative hide-and-seek game (with modern-day mainstream shooter aesthetics and F2P appeal disguised in a core mechanic, similiar to Nintendo's supposed-to-be "violence-free" shooter "Splatoon").

What has changed? Not much, I guess. Except for the attitude of the winning title.

All for the sake of nothing else than Zeitgeist.
Ok, "farce" is not enough. It's a rather short term, standing-in for pathetic.

Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Do 12. Apr 2018, 09:12
von ShaneFenton
OK, I better understand your point of view (and I have more context to write my article). Thanks.

Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Sa 14. Apr 2018, 14:36
von Rigolax
Witch It isn’t just a hide-and-seek game. It’s basically (just) a fleshed out version of the mod “prop hunt” which exists for numerous games, mostly Source engine ones. It follows the tradition of turning user-created mods into full commercial games (CS, DayZ, DotA-based games, PUBG). That is likely a safer bet than an original idea for a multiplayer game. After all, the fanbase for the core gameplay is there. I really am not sure Witch It deserved all those awards, but I don’t want to belittle their efforts; best international multiplayer game seems like a cruel joke though.

I agree with what was stated on The Surge, having played it and all of the Dark Souls games. I hold the first Dark Souls in high regards, it’s a masterpiece in my opinion. The sequels were lackluster though, even the third one with the original creative director. The Surge is certainly solid and adds to the souls-like genre more than the Dark Souls sequels, if you want to call that a genre anyway. It’s great for a German production at least, and definitely an improvement on Lords of the Fallen, which also had a troubled development with its Polish publisher and apparently co-developer that wasn’t happy with the quality delivered by Deck13. Seeing The Surge, I can only think they are capable at least; reminds me of Yager and their removal from the development of Dead Island 2.

Not related to DCP, but I found it interesting that Epic recently joined the USK as the 40th member, shortly after the major private TV station ProSieben and their partner Welt aired a piece on Fortnite. They claimed the base game, rated USK 12+, would serve for kids as a gateway to the much more brutal Battle Royal version which is USK unrated (which is just available digitally, and was added post-release because of the success of PUBG). The whole piece was Killerspiel fear mongering, and a youth protection expert/advocate distanced herself from the piece, stating she was quoted out of context. It’s also somewhat funny to me to see Epic branded as the Fortnite publisher, given the company’s vast history, but I guess that’s what they are known for now. ... -mitglied/

Re: Sonstige Videospielkultur-Links

Verfasst: Mo 16. Apr 2018, 18:40
von Pyri
Rigolax hat geschrieben:It’s also somewhat funny to me to see Epic branded as the Fortnite publisher, given the company’s vast history, but I guess that’s what they are known for now.

Short and long-term memories of journalists can often be very astounding, as it is with the public conscience.
Sometimes they present games way better than they actually are too, or completely different than they were perceived before - highlighting their merits where up until then none have been seen.

In 2010, FA(S?)Z ran an article regarding the release of "Alan Wake" and called "Max Payne" less violent than first-person shooters ... 81808.html Meaning a supposed to-be more sophisticated game has to be less violent in nature, completely disregarding how trashy the original, pulp-novel style "Max Payne" actually was (being very similar in tone to Frank Miller's "Sin City").
Focusing on the economics of the game industry and its ties to film and (Hollywood) movies. Calling itself a "psychological thriller" and mentioning big names like David Lynch. Absolutely ridiculous: in earlier versions of the text, author Sebastian Balzter (?) even exemplified "World of Warcraft" as such a (less sophisticated) first-person shooter.
Nowadays, the original article can get reconstructed with the help of "GameStar-Pinboard" ... te.382400/

In the end, it's always difficult when illiterates present literary prizes.