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Re: Links zur Presse (Stigma) #7

Beitragvon ShaneFenton » Do 6. Jun 2019, 10:11

I've learnt in the national press that France will have its own ceremony for video games, the "Pégases" ("Pegasus"). Here are two links (in French) : ... 08996.html ... 08996.html

Local journalists and gamers are quite skeptical. They worry about the criteria of the rewards. They worry about the quality and the organization of the ceremony (previous attempts to have a "Französischer computerspielpreis" turned into a fiasco). And they wonder if it will be yet another self-promotion for big companies such as Ubisoft.

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Re: Links zur Presse (Stigma) #7

Beitragvon Pyri » Do 6. Jun 2019, 18:20

I know of Studios in Paris, Annecy and Montpellier. Yet their biggest productions are certainly created abroad.

With the CNC at helm, to me this seems more like a direct answer to BAFTA's efforts ... mes_Awards I wonder why they even create an own award. To me, Baldaccini's award would suit just fine. Maybe French film producers in general are somehow hostile towards games.
César is not more politically charged than the Academy Awards (Oscar). Very much unlike "Filmpreis" (Lola), or "Computerspielpreis" in Germany. Germany and Austria for that matter, do not really have comparable awards. Only singular "Medienhäuser" like Funke in Germany (Goldene Kamera), or the Austrian newspaper Kurier (Romy), are spending similar awards.
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