What games do you play ?

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What games do you play ?

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Hallo alle,

I realize that after all these years, I've been talking about video game controversies, and never about video games. I never bother sharing the games I've been playing and enjoying, and I never bother asked. Which is why I created this thread (hoping there isn't already one on the same subject).

My games of the year currently are :
- Grim Dawn (I had already played 90 hours 2 years ago, I decided to run it again, and added 200 more hours... yeah, I like it)
- Nehrim (Oblivion mod made by the creators of Enderal for Skyrim. 70 hours on it... yeah, I like it too)
- Fantasy General 2 (I was a huge fan of the first episode. And I love the "fantasy wargame" genre. This second episode delivers)
- Yakuza 0 (20 hours, still stuck in chapter 2 trying to solve every side quest before moving forward)
- Mad Max (50+ hours... didn't expected to enjoy a desert that much)
- The Outer Worlds (archaic, but still)
- Batman : Arkham Asylum (oldie, but goodie)
- Reign of Terror (a total conversion for Grim Dawn that turns it into Diablo 2 : the whole lore, creatures, zones, dungeons, items, classes... with the core GD gameplay and graphics)

By the way, my favourite genres are CRPG and strategy games, and my favourite setting is fantasy. But I can enjoy game of any genre : point'n'click, shooters, etc. Life is Strange and its prequel, Before the Storm, have been my favourite games of 2018.

What about you ? What are you currently playing ? What do you like the most ?
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Re: What games do you play ?

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Currently mostly only Trackmania 2020 (i enjoy record hunting)

Earlier this year i player Nebuchadnezzar, Far Cry 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 (which is ok, but released too early)

Also a bit of classic DOOM on the switch
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Re: What games do you play ?

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Since about 15 years I play with 2 friends every week for 3 hours one paradox game. Here a video about a match were we played Benelux against AI:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXyQqBMKPhE

We started wird "Hearts of Iron 2" continued with "Victoria" than with "Harts of Iron 4", "Stellaris", "Hearts of Iron 5", new Version of Stellaris, Star-Trek and Star Wars Stellaris Total Conversion. The last months we are back at "Hearts of Iron 2 - Doomsday".

First I liked to play the "Total Wars" series (Medieval, Medieval 2, Rome etc.) but because they introduced the copy protection I switched to paradox. Meanwhile I bought "Stellaris" at steam too but it was the reasion to switch.

I also played "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" for about 10 years and switched with 3-4 other guys to "Dirty Bomb". Meanwhile I don't have the time play it each week. I guess its about 3 month ago that I played it the last time.

For about 6 month I played "Word of Warships" (without buying anything for real money) - I allready played it a couple of years ago. I managed to get the Battleship better than the Bismarck-class and finished to play it because without spending real Money you need no much time.

A few months ago I bought "Deep Rock Galactic" to play it with my brother but we are both realy busy and we only managed to play it one time together.

I really like to play games together (or against) my friends. And I enjoyed to play games like "Counter-Strike: 1.6", "Day of Defeat", "Tribes II", "WWII Online" etc. online. I am a huge fan of games like "Age of Empires II" but the only strategy games which I managed to play sucessful online were "Ground Control II" and "Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War".

There are very few singleplayer Games I finished. Like "Portal", "Gothic I", Gothic II", "Operation Flashpoint: Resistance", "Half-Life: Opposing Force", "Max Payne", "Mafia", "GTA: IV" and "Morrowind". I bought and played "GTA: IV" online because of the "Killerspiel" thing to proof, which claims about the games are wrong. The last years I tried to finish "NOLF" und "Dungeon Keeper 2" (again) but I failed ...
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